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Sarah M.

Love my Quench bottle! Big fan of the orange flavor, game changer for staying hydrated

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pods are good for about 10 refills or up to a week of use, whichever comes first.

Our flavor pods don’t overwhelm you with flavor like the most sugary drinks; instead, quench allows you to enjoy balanced and gentle flavors as you hydrate throughout the day!

Many flavored beverages include lots of sugar and additives - bad for adults and children alike! With Quench you can enjoy flavored water guilt-free, and save both your wallet and Mother Nature! (compare to single use beverage options)

Our brain processes scent input in two distinct ways: orthonasal (external smells) and retronasal (smells involving the oral cavity). Your brain perceives orthonasal input as odor or fragrance - scents like a rainstorm, a smoky bonfire, or cut grass.

In contrast, retronasal input is associated with taste - the flavors of food or drink in your mouth - think your mom’s cookies, a peach, fresh orange juice. We leverage this retronasal effect to "flavor" water. Sipping from your Quench bottle, the "flavored" air mingles with the water and released through the nose. Your nasal receptors interpret this as the water’s taste, despite the water itself remaining unflavored!